informační systém pro golfové kluby a resorty

GolferIS informační systém golfový klub CRM jamkovka match play eklektik



Information system for golf clubs is modern and intuitive. It enables to keep the agenda of club members, their membership fees and history of communication with members. Other features are sports based. Graphically well-arranged match play, which is easily presented on the club´s website and also increasingly popular eclectic. This mode of play attracts players repeatedly on HCP days or other tournaments where the eclectic is deployed. The results of the year-round tour can also be presented by using the information system on the club website in a clear form. A new feature is the „starting list“ module, which during its testing in 2019 incited enthusiasm among club management and players.

An important part of the system is personalized emailing, including basic analytics, which allows you to inform your club members about the information that is relevant to them. In addition, the possibility of a complete history of communication with the member at the level of emails or SMS messages. Well-arranged examples of personalized newsletters, SMS or birthday cards can be viewed in the system's graphic previews.